Sókn law firm provides companies, institutions and individual’s legal services all over Iceland, though the firm is located on East Iceland. The firm’s attorneys are specialized in different areas of the law, as Company law, Energy & Environmental law, Criminal law, Family law, Labor law, Property law, Personal Injury Law and much more. Among Sókn’s clients are communes, diverse companies, individuals, union and more.

Three lawyers work for Sókn. They are:

  • Hilmar Gunnlaugsson Supreme Court attorney (partner) hilmar@sokn.is
  • Eva Dís Pálmadóttir Supreme Court attorney (partner) eva@sokn.is
  • Jón Jónsson Supreme Court attorney (partner) jon@sokn.is

Sókn law firm also runs collection service and uses effective ways to collect claims in Iceland. For further information, please contact us by phone or write to us at adalbjorg@sokn.is.

Further information about Sókn law firm:

Kaupvangur 2,
700 Egilsstaðir,

Tel: +354 5807900
Fax: +354 5807900
Webpage: www.sokn.is

Sókn’s CEO is Eva Dís Pálmadóttir, Supreme Court attorney.